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Vibrant FAQ:

  1. Why am I not getting paid?
    Payments are sent out 105 business days after the end of the month. If it is beyond this point please ensure all paperwork – including W-9/W-8 and Partner Sign-Up Form (see Payment Details) – has been submitted & is updated.

    We also have minimum amounts publishers must earn before we send payment. These are as follows:
    • ACH = $20 minimum
    • Wire (International sites only) = $75 minimum

    If you have any questions, contact your Account Manager or send an email to partner-revenue@vibrantmedia.com

  2. How can I add In-Image ads to my site?
    Information on Vibrant In-Image can be found on our website. Contact your Account Manager or send an email to intellitxtsupport@vibrantmedia.com if interested.

  3. Where can I find Vibrant code implementation instructions?
    A detailed description of how to implement Vibrant ad tags can be found here.

  4. I’ve added Vibrant tags to my site, but don’t see any links
    If links are not appearing on your site please verify that the tag has been implemented correctly. For further troubleshooting, please see Implementation Instructions.

    If you have recently redesigned your site, please submit a request on the Help page. We may need to re-optimize your site around the new design.

    If you are in a dev/staging environment and the URL does not match your site URL, you will not be able to see Vibrant ads. This is because our code is mapped to a specific URL. Please submit a request on the Help page and we can modify this for testing purposes.

  5. How do I request Vibrant ads for my other sites?
    Please contact your Account Manager or send a mail to intellitxtsupport@vibrantmedia.com Please note that our ad tags only work on the specific URL they are assigned to and may not be used on other websites appart from the one they were designed for.

  6. Can I change the color of the Vibrant ads that appear on my site?
    Vibrant’s standard ad format is a green double-underlined link. We prefer not to change this as it is the standard users recognize for in-text advertising. If necessary, this color can be changed to best match your website. Please go to the Help page and submit a request.

  7. Can I remove Vibrant ads from specific pages or areas on a page?
    If you have a page you would like to exclude please go to the Help page and submit the URL(s) you would like to block. Alternatively, you can simply remove the ad tag from that page.

    We can also block areas of a page if they are wrapped in an identifiable div class or id. If no class or ID exists, one will need to be created. If you would like Vibrant ads removed from a specific area, please submit a request on the Help page explaining what you would like to block.

  8. Can I adjust the number of links per page?
    Yes. Please submit a request on the Help page.

  9. I have a site that I would like to refer to Vibrant, do you have a referral program?
    Please contact your Account Manager or wrtie an email to intellitxtsupport@vibrantmedia.com for requests about the referral program.

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